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Trekkie's Lair

Loosen up those chains and dance

Darth Lorexa, first lady of the sith
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In a Nutshell: Hi I'm Trekkie and I'm a fangirl.

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a-team, accents, aliens, alternate universes, ancient egypt, ancient history, andrew lloyd webber, angel, anthony warlow, astronomy, atheism, babysitters club, batman, battlestar galactica, being crazy, bisexuality, buffy the vampire slayer, captain picard, catherine tate, charmed, cheese, chicken noodle soup, classics, comedies, comics, dark side, darth vader, david tennant, doctor who, donna noble, dorks, douglas adams, dvds, ecliptor, eggs, evil overlords, evilness, ewan mcgregor, ewoks, fanfiction, fantasy, friends, galaxies, galaxy quest, galaxy rangers, geeks, ghostbusters, gilbert and sullivan, going to the movies, guys and dolls, half humans, han solo, harry potter, hellboy, hermione granger, heroes, history, hms pinafore, insanity, into the woods, johnlock, journals, jupiter, justice league, keys, kim possible, klingons, lando calrissian, latin, life on mars, listening to music, luke skywalker, malory towers, marina prior, mary sues, men in black, modern history, movie tickets, muppet treasure island, muppets, music, musical theatre, mutant powers, mutants, nano wrimo, naomi wildman, natalie portman, ncis, nightcrawler, original characters, patrick stewart, phantom of the opera, pink ranger, power rangers, power rangers dino thunder, power rangers in space, power rangers lost galaxy, primeval, princess leia, pyro, q, queen amidala, randomness, ray park, reba, red dwarf, red witch, rent, rocky horror picture show, ruling the universe, sarah jane smith, scarlett pomers, science fiction, sherlock, shiny things, singing, slash, sound of music, south pacific, spaceballs, spoons, star trek: ds9, star trek: tng, star trek: voyager, star wars, starfleet, storm, taking over the world, telekenesis, telepathy, teleportation, ten, the catherine tate show, the mikado, the pirates of penzance, the sarah jane adventures, the victorian era, time travel, torchwood, true blood, vampires, villains, vulcans, west side story, wolverine, writing, x-men, x-men slash, x-men: evolution, x2