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Trekkie's Lair
Loosen up those chains and dance
30th-Aug-2011 12:10 pm
my fandom

So after so many attempts at figuring out a way that I could display most of my things, I've ended up using one of my bookshelves that previously housed by regular DVDs to hold my books in because I have been on a serious book buying binge lately and I at least wanted to display my main books.

The only problem with all this book buying is that I do not have enough time to read everything, seriously I need a time turner just to be able to get through everything. It's the same problem I have with DVD buying I just keep buying more despite not yet watching everything.

I'm currently reading like six books at the moment, mostly because there were a couple that I just wanted to get straight into reading so I'm now alternating between a different book a night at this point so this is what my reading list looks like:

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
Doctor Who - Winner Takes All
Dead Until Dark
I Am Number Four (which I realized after I filmed my bookshelf tour that I had left it out of the video)
Vampire Academy #1
The Hunger Games
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